Influence Shirts - The Introduction

What is Influence Shirts all about? We want to use the walking billboards people wear everyday as a tool to help everyone become more mindful. Think about all your all of your actions throughout the day and what impact they have on yourself or others. As busy as most of us are, it's easy to overlook or ignore the consequences of our actions. Should I have smiled at my coworker and said hello instead of walking right by? Can I recycle this plastic bottle instead of tossing it into the garbage? What if I took the time to call my friend or family member I haven't spoken to in months? What if I bought a vegan shirt? You have influence. Use it to do some good in the world.

Our shirts are high-quality, comfortablemanufactured in the USA, made from vegan material, printed with vegan ink, unisex, and they inspire the world to make positive change.

Check out our shirts here:

If you're feeling charitable, we also have links to some great charities in the footer of our website.

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